Personal Auto Insurance

Personal Auto Insurance

We deal with trusted insurance companies that are very well known for their high level of claims service.

We will help you customize a package that is tailored to your personal needs.

We will explain the various auto coverage’s available so that you understand and feel confident with your auto policy.


  • New business discount
  • Multi vehicle
  • Dual policy
  • Low mileage
  • Retired discount
  • Continuous insurance
  • Special Coverage’s Available if you qualify
  • Accident waiver coverage

Please call us for your auto insurance quote.

Something to think about:

What would happen if you had an accident in the parking lot after buying your groceries? Most parking lot accidents are split 50-50. So, each driver is 50% at fault for the accident .

Do you have “accident waiver” coverage to protect your rates? If not, your rates will increase for the next six years!

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